Podcast: Getting Ready for a Seed Saving Season

Dirt Rich PodcastZachary Paige returns to Dirt Rich in Episode 28 for a conversation on planning ahead for seed saving! You may remember him from Episode 21 at the top of the season.

Zach farms and operates North Circle Seeds in Vergas, Minnesota. North Circle Seeds is a newly certified organic seed company and collective committed to creating an ecologically diverse, equitable, and inclusive food system. As the Minnesota weather warms and gardeners and farmers are beginning to plant, Zach has some pointers for planning your space for seed saving and some vignettes of the process behind saving seeds for arugula, tomatoes, squash, and carrots.

Tune in for some recommendations on spacing, trellising, storage, equipment (‘smashing sticks,’ anyone?), and some colorful stories on the delicious foods and new connections that Zach has made because of saved seed.

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