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Principles of Soil Health

Principles of Soil Health

Soil health is foundational to all of SFA's work.

Keep the Soil Covered

Keep the Soil Covered

Build and maintain vegetation.

Limit Disturbance

Limit Disturbance

Minimize or eliminate mechanical and chemical soil disturbance.

Build Diversity

Build Diversity

Manage to increase plant, microbe, livestock and wildlife diversity.

Living Root

Living Root

Keep living plants in the soil as much as possible.

Integrate Livestock

Integrate Livestock

Healthy soils require appropriate livestock integration.



Apply these principles within your unique operation.

Soil Health Principles

Healthy soil is fundamental. Our health, wealth, and future depends on the ecosystem beneath our feet. SFA's work promotes agricultural community and prosperity through soil health.

We provide consulting and technical assistance as well as educational and networking opportunities to farmers and landowners in the areas of grazing, dairy, cropping, silvopasture, and fruit and vegetable production.


Western Chapter Monthly Meeting

Apr 04, 2023 7:30PM


GML Chapter Networking Night

Apr 06, 2023 5:30PM—7:30PM

Block North Brew Pub 302 Minnesota Ave N Aitkin, MN 56431

Semi-permanent and Temporary Energized Fence Systems for Small Ruminants

Apr 14, 2023 2:00PM—5:00PM

Berkebile Family Farm 9000 95th Ave NE Foley, MN 56329

The Latest from SFA

In the latest episode of SFA's podcast series Dirt Rich, our team member Angie Walter shares her experience using PaddockTrac, a grazing tool being developed by the University of Missouri.

The Walters use the device as they drive their pastures weekly, using both their eyes and the data to help make sound grazing management decisions.

How does it work? Listen to episodes 64: Grazing Tech - PaddockTrac anywhere you get your podcasts!

We're all coming out of hibernation, and there's plenty of opportunities to reconnect or get involved with your local chapter or networking group!

Check out our event calendar to see what's happening near you, including:

  • Annual Chapter meetings
  • Fruit tree pruning workshops
  • Kernza Ale Tasting & Brewery Tour
  • Dinners with presentations on farmer funding opportunities

Written by Jonathan Kilpatrick, SFA Soil Health Specialist, these new resources are part of SFA's soil health programming and are meant to assist pastured poultry and pork producers of all sizes.

With facts on raising on pasture, shelter options, soil health effects, a resource list and much more, these new resources are packed with information.

Pastured Poultry Fact Sheet

Pastured Pork Fact Sheet