Beyond Your Backyard: The First Signs of Spring

I always know it’s time for spring when the first fuzzy pasqueflowers emerge. For a wildflower—something we often think of as delicate—they are anything but. They continue to grow undeterred by wide weather fluctuations between 60 degrees and then 30. Their shoots and buds armored in a dense winter coat of fuzz. Doggedly determined to be the first herald of spring.

The mighty pasqueflower.


Pasqueflowers are so named because they typically bloom around the Easter holiday. In Minnesota that means we often see them blooming on snow. These 3-18″ spring wonders have several adaptations to do this. In addition to the aforementioned dense coat of hairs, they grow close to the ground which helps them insulate against late winter winds. They also lead with flowers first—sending their flower stalks up before putting any leaves out. They’re an essential spring bloomer that provides vital pollen and nectar for the first bumble bee queens of the season. Some might say pasqueflowers and bumble bees go together like PB and J.

Either way, seeing their fuzzy buds reminds me of the promise of spring. A promise that blooms joy in my heart for warmer days, the return of vibrant hues, and the fresh, earthy smell of life reawakening.

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