Beyond Your Backyard: The lucky one

Oh what a year we’ve had together. It’s easy with all the stress swirling around us to forget what we have right in front of us. Through all the ups and downs, twists and turns, and unexpected events, we are part of a carefully woven fabric. More intricate and complex than any man-made fiber. Woven to include millions of parts and pieces that connect us today just as they have through all the years before us. The natural world is not separate from us, it is our world—our one and only and it’s right here with us every day, offering support, constancy in times of changes, discovery like nothing else, and the promise of the sun rising and setting tomorrow. The Minnesota Prairie is a legacy that connects us. Through the sounds, sights, smells and memories for all who are lucky enough to stop and take notice.

Wishing you a safe holiday season and the hope that you are one of the lucky ones who takes the time to discover the prairie and all it has to offer in this year and the next.