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Grass & Plant Identification Workshop & Farm Walk
Minnesota Garlic Festival

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Welcome to the Crow River Chapter

Encompassing an incredibly diverse part of the state that includes the western Twin Cities metro and the rural counties to the west, Crow River offers opportunites for farmers, sustainable farming supporters and consumers to participate in a vital and active organization. We represent not only the more "traditional" farmers - dairy, grains, etc. - but also a wide range of thriving specialty and niche market farmers: CSAs, goats, sheep, poultry, herbs, garlic, restaurant and co-op produce, etc. We have an emphasis on education in sustainable practices and an impressive roster of events, including farm tours, the Annual Crow River Chapter Annual Meeting, the Minnesota Garlic Festival, and the popular "farm social" gatherings.

Information: Jerry Ford at or 1.844.922.5573 Ext. 705.

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Upcoming Events

Identifying Grasses & Other Plants on a Sustainable Farm
"Gazing at Graminoids"

Saturday, July 27, 2024   10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Morning: South Shore Event Center, 733 6th Street, Howard Lake, MN 55349
Afternoon: Living Song Farm, 7616 25th St. SW, Howard Lake MN 55349

Join us for a day of identifying and learning about plants found on a sustainable and organic farm.

We'll start the day with a class/workshop focusing on grasses led by Minnesota Biological Survey Prairie Ecologist, Rhett Johnson, author of the "Field Guide to Minnesota Grasses". This morning session will be indoors at the South Shore Event Center, and will focus on graminoid (grass) anatomy and terminology, some of the major taxa (groups) of grasses that are common in Minnesota, and how to approach learning grasses and identifying them in the field. It will include presentations and looking at actual pressed and fresh collected grasses.

At noon, we'll have a "working lunch" at the Event Center (included.)
Provided by Dan & Becky's Market.

Next, we'll drive out to Living Song Farm, where Rhett will be joined by Missy Anderson, plant propagation specialist at the Three Rivers Park District native plant nursery. The two of them will lead a walk through the farm's permanent pasture, and field margins and conservation areas, identifying the vast variety of flora, native and introduced, and even the inevitable invasives. We'll also take a moment to visit the grassfed beef herd and the newly harvested garlic crop.



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Farm 2
Rhett Johnson
Missy Anderson
Minnesota Garlic Festival

Minnesota Garlic Festival

Saturday, August 10, 2024

840 Century Ave. SW, Hutchinson, MN 55350

Tickets available for purchase online or at the gate.

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Chapter Leadership

    • Sarah Lindblom, President
    • Dale Woodbeck, Treasurer
    • Tim "Red" Kirkman, Secretary
    • Susan Anderson
    • Mark Anema
    • Chris Kudrna 
    • Josh Borrell, Chapter Delegate to the SFA Board
    • Jerry Ford, Coordinator

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