DGA Update: Thousands in apprentice stipends available

I want to let you know about some programs that DGA has to offer for their Master Graziers and apprentice candidates.

Did you know that if you are an Organic Valley farmer, you can qualify for a stipend to get an apprentice on your dairy farm?  Organic Valley has partnered with DGA to offer their farmers a total of $8,000 in stipends to offset the cost of hiring an apprentice.  This is a great incentive to take advantage of.  It’s like getting $8000 of free labor on your farm.  If you are an Organic Valley farmer looking for help and willing to teach, please reach out to me!

Are you interested in hiring a veteran to work on your dairy farm?  DGA has a USDA AgVets grant that provides a $4,500 Veteran Stipend (paid in three $1,500 installments) to veterans hired as an Apprentice, which can be part of an overall compensation package.  If you are a Master Grazier in our program, you can filter your search for “Veterans Only” when you search for an apprentice.  If you are (or know of) a veteran that is looking for another career, consider looking at the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship.

If you have any questions about DGA or would like more information about the PPP program (the deadline to apply has been extended to May 31, 2021), you can contact me by phone or email: Angie Walter at 320-815-9293 or angie@sfa-mn.org.