Dirt Rich: Fundamentals of Adaptive Grazing

Dirt Rich PodcastIn the latest episode of Dirt Rich, you’ll hear a presentation that our Soil Health Specialist Jonathan Kilpatrick gave on adaptive grazing at a recent field day. He’ll bring you through the fundamentals, always keeping in mind the importance of context in grazing management. Jonathan believes that grazing is one of  the most powerful forces we can have to regenerate our soils. A topic overview:

  • Why we adaptively graze
  • How adaptive grazing plays a role in building soil health and resilience in our eco-systems
  • Stocking density
  • Measuring forage stand density and dry matter/acre
  • Calculating herd needs
  • BRIX

Jonathan’s experience with various farming enterprises makes him a great resource for SFA members. Jonathan will be doing work with soil health, grazing livestock, Kernza, and more. Get in touch with him at jonathan@sfa-mn.org or 1.844.922.5573 Ext. 712.

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