Dirt Rich: Growing a CSA from 8 to 80

Dirt Rich PodcastGet to know our SFA Community Organizer and Outreach Coordinator, Dan Zimmerli, in today’s episode of Dirt Rich!

Dan farms full time with his wife at Cedar Crate Farm southeast of Mankato, growing produce for their CSA members. They started out with 8 members in their first season in 2015, and six seasons later they’ve grown it to 80–always with a goal of lifestyle balance in mind.

Technology, making processes more efficient, training employees well, and adding infrastructure have all played a role in growing their business while not spreading themselves too thin. You can listen to their farm story on Dirt Rich anywhere you get your podcasts, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Podbean. You can also listen on the SFA website. Do you have ideas for future episodes? Comments? Drop us a line.