Dirt Rich Heads to Pasture

Dirt Rich PodcastThe latest two episodes of Dirt Rich are focused on grazing. Kent Solberg and Doug Voss return for some timely perspective on “Designing Cover Crops for Late Season Grazing.” They discuss the biological benefits of grazing complex cover crops (nicknamed “biological primers”), and walk us through the process of designing a seed mix that will fit a farm’s unique context.

Kent also highlights “Energized Fencing Essentials” in last week’s episode. Energized fences are psychological, rather than physical, barriers. Their ability to be easily modified and expanded, as well as their relatively low-cost, make these systems a great option for some farmers. In the podcast he lays the foundation for using energized fencing in your pasture, detailing key considerations, the various components needed, and how to ensure that the system will work properly.

For more coverage on grazing topics, stay tuned for two upcoming episodes with Jared Luhman and Tyler Carlson on Silvopasture. Listeners may also be hungry for more in-person field days–check out our upcoming hands-on fencing workshops and silvopasture field days. Each are free for SFA members, and $40 for non-members. (And individual SFA memberships are $40, so if you aren’t a member already, it’s a great time to become one.)

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