Dirt Rich: Soil lab tests for regenerative ag

Dirt Rich PodcastThere are many tests you can do yourself on your farm to measure soil health, and we’ve talked about some of them before (check out Episode 47: Four DIY Soil Health Tests). In this new episode of Dirt Rich, Jared interviews Lance Gunderson of Regen Ag Lab on the utility of lab soil testing, particularly for farmers on a regenerative path.

Why do do a lab soil test? Which one? How often? What do you do with the results? In this episode, we learn about a handful of different tests and the scenarios they may be useful in. The farm’s unique context is important, and recommendations are informed by a farmer’s goals and resource concerns. In particular, Gunderson does a deep dive into the chemistry and biology (his forte) of the Haney Test and why it is so useful for farms working with or transitioning to regenerative practices.

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