Germination Chamber and Succession Planting Workshop

Apr 22, 2024 1:00PM—4:00PM


Cedar Crate Farm 4396 240TH AVENUE Waldorf, MN 56091

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Presented by Dan Zimmerli
Farmer and owner, Cedar Crate Farm
in partnership with SFA and Region Nine Development Commission

A germination chamber is a controlled environment used to optimize seed germination and can play a vital role on small farms in increasing your germination rate, reducing the stress of starting seeds, and will improve overall profitability. In this workshop, SFA’s Dan Zimmerli will provide an overview of the germination chamber used on his farm and provide information on how to construct your own. Topics we will cover will include:

Once we’ve gone over all the details on a germination chamber we’ll move on to talking about succession planting and how succession planting combined with a germination chamber can create consistency on your farm that will drive profitability. Succession planting is having multiple plantings of crops throughout the season spaced out in a way that enables you to offer that crop for as much of the season as possible. Consistency is a key to profitability especially for direct to consumer farms. In the succession planting portion of the workshop we’ll cover the following topics: