From the Executive Director: ‘Agriculture, done well, heals’ at the Heart of Membership

This afternoon I ran an errand to Mankato and was amazed at the bountiful crops ready to be harvested, and the abundant farmers market offerings.  This, coupled with glorious fall colors, buoyed my spirits.  What really keeps me optimistic is the innovative work being done in local food production and processing by SFA members, and the commitment to a just and regenerative food and fiber system that is displayed every day by our members and partner groups.

“Agriculture done well heals.” That’s SFA’s motto and it speaks to why membership in SFA is so important.  This week, many of you will be receiving a membership renewal appeal, or an invitation to join if you have been to an SFA gathering in the last year but aren’t a member.  An SFA membership offers many benefits including:

  • Free or low cost admission to our array of field days, workshops, pasture walks, webinars and events.  Of note, we’ve set registration for all of our activities as “free to members” or $40 to non-members, to help during this harsh economic time.
  • Access to coaching, support and mentorship from our professional soil health and silvopasture staff.  This is an incredible benefit, a boots on the ground approach to sustainable agriculture.
  • An information-rich website, opening up opportunities such as our new podcast series “Dirt Rich“, with timely, not-to-be-missed topics and features.
  • Soon, details of SFA’s 31st Annual Conference will be released.  SFA members are able to attend our signature event at no cost this year.  If you aren’t a member, registration to the AC is $40.  That’s another reason to renew or join today.
  • Members may choose to join one of nine chapters, which offer rich and diverse programming in communities throughout Minnesota.  Pick the chapter of your choice, or be an at large member.
  • The CONNECT e-newsletter is another benefit of membership, chock full of information and offerings within and outside of Minnesota.

Membership in SFA gives you the confidence in knowing that you are part of an organization working to shift the paradigm of agriculture to provide a safe, affordable food supply, protection of our air, land and water, and resilient, inclusive communities.
Please renew your SFA membership today. If a one time payment doesn’t fit the bill, consider becoming a monthly supporter at just $5 per month.  This is an easy, sustainable way to support SFA and receive the benefits of membership, while helping us lighten our carbon footprint.

Thank you for considering this request!