Luhman: A Good time to Share Your Regenerative Story

2020 was an interesting year, presenting countless challenges from not being able to see family and friends to roller-coaster rides of commodity markets. We saw processing plants shut down, leaving store shelves empty and farmyards full of livestock. But one silver lining of all these challenges was that demand went through the roof for local, direct-from-the-farmer meat. This provided unforeseen challenges as well – from local processors not having capacity to farmers unable to meet demand – but it has made the idea of buying local more mainstream than ever.

Have you been a direct marketer for years? Did opportunity in the past year drive you to adding a direct marketing enterprise on your farm? Either way, now is an exciting time to connect people to their food and share the story of regenerating our soils and providing nutrient-dense foods!

Back in December, we hosted a webinar on Direct Marketing, you can watch it on our SFA YouTube Channel. Craig Fischer of Sleepy Bison Acres, Rachelle Meyer of Wholesome Family Farms and Dayna Burtness of Nettle Valley Farm shared how they decided what they wanted to raise, how they established their prices, and how they built relationships with consumers that allow them to do what they love, farming.