Luhman: It All Starts with the Soil

We are very excited about the partnership we have formed with Kiss the Ground, an organization based out of California that shares our passion for soil regeneration! Their Farmland scholarship provides soil health training, soil testing and consulting to farmers here in Minnesota. The Sustainable Farming Association is acting as their Minnesota boots-on-the-ground to help these farmers build regenerative soils and sustainable businesses!

Stay tuned as we hope over the next several months to highlight some of these farmers and the practices they are implementing on their farms! Below is a video produced by Farmland scholarship recipient and professional videographer Wil Crombie, owner of Man Alone Media and his farm, Organic Compound.

At his farm, Wil is regenerating the land by integrating chickens and perennial hazelnut trees. The chickens graze under and around the hazelnuts fertilizing both the trees and the pasture and producing high quality chicken and nuts for his consumers. He hopes to integrate other ruminant livestock to graze forages where he is not able to integrate chickens providing additional meat products off his land and allowing for additional photosynthesis to occur on that grassland. By stacking complimentary enterprises in this way he hopes to minimize inputs, maximize soil building, and provide multiple revenue streams making his 60 acre family farm more resilient to both weather and market-related challenges!