Luhman: Tree seeds for the future

Are you interested in learning how to collect climate-forward tree seeds? The Forest Assisted Migration Project (FAMP) is developing a network of farmers and community members in central and southern Minnesota who will collect tree seeds and sell them directly to northern tree growers. Anyone can participate! This is a great opportunity to earn extra income while protecting Minnesota’s distinctive forest.

The first tree seed collection training will be on Thursday, July 15th at 7:00pm on Zoom. Scott Rogers, manager of the U.S. Forest Service Oconto River Seed Orchard, will be our trainer. He will cover tree identification and fundamental seed collection techniques. The training is free, open to all, and will be recorded and posted on FAMP’s website.

To receive the training Zoom link or to ask questions about FAMP, please email David Abazs ( or Joel Bransky (