Luhman: What do you want to know about livestock?

Agriculture is so incredibly broad and diverse! Within crop farming there are so many crops and grains that a farmer can produce. As a livestock farmer you can produce a handful of species options, either grazed, or in more conventional feedlot methods. You can market directly to consumers, or on a commodity market, or in some premium branded program. The options to be involved in agriculture are endless. But even within the relatively small sector of grazing livestock, you can raise beef, sheep, dairy cattle, goats or so much more! And every livestock species is going to come with it’s own unique challenges.

How you produce and market each livestock species will be different and that’s why this winter we are planning a series of specific livestock species webinars. Each weekly webinar will highlight a specific livestock species and have a farmer expert or two sharing the unique aspects related to the production, marketing and profitability of that species. There will be adequate time for your questions and conversations after each speaker.

What livestock species do you want to learn about? What questions do you have? Send me an email at so that we can be sure to provide as much value to you as possible!