Match Made in Heaven: Livestock + Crops

Green Lands Blue Waters recently released a new infographic depicting the integration of livestock and crops at a glance. This image was developed by and for farmers and service providers, in collaboration with the design firm Background Stories as part of the SARE grant project “Match Made In Heaven: Livestock + Crops.” SFA’s Jared Luhman was one of the collaborators.

The benefits of this “match” listed in the graphic encompass the “three-legged stool of sustainability”: environment, economy, and community. For example, crop enterprises can save on fertilizer costs, break pest and disease cycles, add soil organic matter, market their cover crop as forages, and potentially receive ecosystem service credits; while livestock enterprises can use cover crops and crop aftermath to stretch the grazing season into winter.

The infographic and a written narrative of the imagery is available for download here. SFA is one of over 50 participating organizations in the multi-year “Match Made In Heaven: Livestock + Crops” project. To learn more about the project and how you can participate, click here.