MDI Partnership a Seamless Fit

By Doug Voss, SFA Grazing Lead

SFA has long been an active participant in the Minnesota Dairy Initiative, which has a 20-plus-year history of working with dairy farms throughout  Minnesota to improve their farms. Using a  team approach with expert farmers and  professionals, MDI addresses issues that  come with dairy farming. 

The MDI Coordinator’s role within SFA is to tap our farmer-to-farmer network for insight into how our dairy farms can, within their context, be more profitable and improve farmer quality of life. 

SFA has staff who are passionate  about dairy. As dairy farmers themselves, they provide a relatable partner in addressing any number of concerns a dairy farmer might have. It is a pleasure for SFA to work with Minnesota dairy farms in areas that matter to those operating these farms in an environment where the only constant is change. Learning from their own experiences, our staff can help build deliberate resilience while working with natural systems in the environment.  

Unfortunately, MDI and all its benefits to the dairy industry is not known by all who could take advantage from what this organization can offer. If you or someone  you know could benefit from MDI, feel welcome to contact me at to start a constructive conversation toward your bright future in dairy.