Podcast: Local Meats and Processing in Southeast Minnesota

Dirt Rich PodcastMeat processing has long been a challenge for local food producers in Minnesota. In the latest episode of Dirt Rich, we discuss meat production and processing in the southeast part of the state with Eric Klein of Hidden Stream Farm and Dover Processing.

Klein’s diverse array of businesses compliment each other, both improving soil health and supporting local foods and communities. He raises grass fed beef, hogs, pastured chicken and organic crops on Hidden Stream Farm. The farm markets products direct-to-consumer and has wholesale accounts throughout Rochester and the Twin Cities. They also distribute products from other farmers in their region, strengthening shared markets and providing more options to their customers.

Most recently, Klein and his family saw a need for more USDA processing in their region and started Dover Processing, employing local families. They process beef, pork and lamb for local farmers.

We discuss his farm business, the journey to starting their own processing facility, and all the challenges that come along with it. If you have considered doing any of this, this episode is a must listen! According to Klein, now is a fantastic time to start a meat plant, the demand is high and there are dollars available to assist from both state and federal sources.

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