Dirt Rich Episode 6: Harvesting Minnesota Garlic

Dirt Rich

Garlic harvest is upon us! This specialty crop is growing as a premium product in Minnesota markets and pantries. Today we chat with Jerry Ford, a seasoned garlic grower who fell into it in 2002 and hasn’t stopped since. He walks us through his harvest and post-harvest processes, shares the conservation history of the fourth-generation…

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Garlic and Soil Class

Garlic & soil

A session on soil preparation and requirements with Dr. Carl Rosen, Head of the Department of Department of Soil, Water, and Climate at the University of Minnesota, and Tom Coffman, Coffman Garlic & Apples.  Originally presented for the beginning growers in our Mentor Program.

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Garlic Production and Marketing: Scaling Up

Garlic production scaling up

Ryan Pesch conducted the research and wrote the UMN Extension paper on Garlic Enterprise Analysis in 2017-18. In this 2022 SFA Annual Conference session, he returns with advice on increasing your operation’s capacity. Viktor Vasileiadis (interview begins at 17:00) has become probably the largest grower of market garlic in Minnesota, with over seven acres planted in the fall…

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