Season 3 Comes to a Close

Dirt Rich PodcastSomehow we’ve already reached the end of our third season of Dirt Rich. This month we released two episodes with our staff, finishing out the year with some food for thought as folks plan for the next growing season.

In Episode 61: What’s on your mind?, Jared Luhman, Doug Voss, Kent Solberg, and Jonathan Kilpatrick discuss what’s on their mind in the ag world at this point in the season. As we approach winter in the Midwest, folks are looking ahead and planning for next year. The team highlights the many opportunities for making changes on the farm in the next season guided by the principles of soil health.

Today’s episode, 62: From Planting to Pack Shed at Cedar Crate Farm, features Jared Luhman and Dan Zimmerli in conversation about vegetable production logistics from planting to harvest on Cedar Crate Farm. They discuss equipment, planning tools, pack shed layout, seed bed prep, food safety considerations, Lean Farm techniques and more.

Thanks for listening this year, and we’ll see you back in 2023 with another episode on vegetable production with Dan, conversations on new grazing technology, and other great interviews!

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