Solberg on Soil: Small Grains Can Work in Crop Rotation

Corn and soybean farmers question the financial ability of adding small grains, namely wheat, into their crop rotation. Dr. David Hooker presents some interesting work on calculating returns when adding wheat inter-seeded with red clover to the corn and soybean rotation. While the video is a few years old, he stands by the thought process presented here:

Ecological Services Livestock Networking Group and SFA members in the “news” here regarding buckthorn control.

Increase crop plant diversity to increase soil carbon input. The whole soil system just works better when we focus on building soil aggregate structure.

Details here on managing old alfalfa stands in the rotation and protecting soil resources.

Dana Didrikson has spoken at several SFA events including Forage Council events as well as the SFA program at the Society for Range Management national conference in February 2019. He and brother Thor are profiled here.