Solberg on Soil: Videos, Tighty Whities, Soil as Biology & More

Kent Solberg

Dr. Mike Lehmann, who spoke at the 2016 Midwest Soil Health Summit, is featured in this three-video series that explores how a diversity of microbes in healthy soil can accelerate decomposition. Spoiler alert: the cotton undies decomposed faster in the more diverse crop rotation. View the videos on our Soil Health Videos page (to order your very own “soil your undies” kit from Land Stewardship Project, click here).

From Grainews, this article talks to repeat MSHS speaker Jay Fuhrer of NRCS in Bismarck, N.D., about why adding carbon to soil can make farming more fun and profitable.

In a recent article from AgDaily, soil writer Jon Sitka says the perception of soil is moving from an input-heavy focus to a more healthy biological one. He writes, “By understanding how the soil functions as a biological system, we are beginning to come to our senses about how to manage the soil in a restorative, rather than extractive, way.” Read it here.

And finally, in this video, microbiologist Robert Kremer says farmers need to choose their cover crop termination methods wisely: