The 1000 Farms Initiative

On Thursday March 10, we hosted a soil health event in Ivanhoe, MN highlighting the research and work done by Dr. Jonathan Lundgren and his team at Ecdysis, as well as Grant and Dawn Breitkreutz and their inspiring story of success with soil health on their crop and livestock farm near Redwood Falls. If you aren’t familiar with either of their stories, they are well worth checking out.

During his talk, Dr. Lundgren shared their impressive 1000 Farms Initiative where by 2023 they plan to perform full farm inventories on 1000 farms assessing the status of key agronomic, ecological and economic factors to demonstrate the power of regenerative agriculture. This on-farm assessment provided free to the farmer has a value of $7500. They plan to work with a diverse array of farmers, farm types, and regions of the country, aiming to establish a powerful tool to provide practical recommendations to farmers and policy makers that promotes soil health and regenerative agriculture on local and national scales!

This level of project to my knowledge has never been done and I’m super excited about what this can mean for our industry! If you would like to participate, check out the website linked above and sign up to be considered as a partnering farm.