Zimmerli: First MN River Chapter Farm Gathering a Success!

The first MN River Chapter Farm Gathering was held at Under the Sun Herbs by owners Bil Carda and Alise Torgusen and was a huge success. Farmers from the chapter got an overview of Bil and Alise’s operation including the tools they use, caterpillar tunnel end wall designs, raised beds overview, and converting conventional corn and soybean land to pasture.

These events are great opportunities for local foods producers to learn from each other, network, and talk about the trials and tribulations of being a local foods producer. A conversation about different types of wheel hoes may lead to a new innovation on your own farm. Or you may learn about opportunities to collaborate and cross promote each other’s products. Or you might see something that sparks a question and solves a problem on your own farm.

The Minnesota river Chapter is looking forward to the next farm gathering! Stay tuned for details.