Beyond Your Backyard: Rhizome Rap

Megan Benage

By Megan Benage

A while back I was trying to think of fun and engaging ways to get people excited about nature. I remembered when I was working as a naturalist on Cape Cod how we sometimes asked the students to voice their appreciation through song or short plays. And that got me thinking. If songs and short plays are good for kids, surely they’re good for adults too, right?

Enter, my three-part miniseries featuring raps about things in nature I find exciting, awe-inspiring, and frankly, worth rapping about. What better way to kick off this series then with my first rap about rhizomes. Enjoy!

I’m a rhizome part of the soil biome
I grow underground, you know that’s where I can be found
Some people think I’m a root, but I’m really a stem
I’m an adaptation so the plants can keep makin’ little baby prairie plants.
The fire and bison won’t get me because I’m tucked up under the soil so neat
What could be better?
So the prairie can go on forever and ever and ever
I didn’t stutter!

Want to learn more about rhizomes? Visit here and here.

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