Winter Podcast Discussion Series

Feb 23, 2023 6:30PM—8:00PM



Cost $0.00


Join the Lake Agassiz Chapter for our first-ever podcast discussion series!
This year we chose the short series, “Landed”, part of the Farmerama Radio podcast. We will meet via Zoom. Pre-registration is not required.

Please listen to all four episodes of “Landed” prior to our discussion. Each episode is around 30 minutes.
To join the event on February 23, please use the Zoom link provided or you can copy and paste this into your web browser:

About Landed: “Building on the successes of our two previous in-depth series, in 2021 we created Landed, a personal exploration of land ownership and colonial legacy, told by Col Gordon, a Scottish farmer’s son, as he returns home to his family farm. In the series, co-produced by Katie Revell and Col Gordon, Col, a 34 year old baker and seed researcher who grew up on a 270 acre livestock farm in the Highlands, starts to question long-held assumptions that challenge his idea of the small family farm and the viability of its future. Over four episodes, he explores not only the current challenges of farm succession and access to land in the UK, but also of lost history, colonial legacy and traditional Gaelic relationships with the land, going as far back as the Highland Clearances and the slave trade.

This series isn’t about dismissing the small family farm, but rather, bringing it to life within its full ecological, cultural and historical contexts. It challenges us to learn from these to make our landscapes more sustainable and accessible for all.

From personal stories of the small family farm and its alternatives, to land ownership and reform, to racial, land and food justice, Landed sheds light on important issues which will affect us all as we head into the greatest change in our agricultural sector in some 70 years.”