Midwest Soil Health Summit Speaker Spotlight: Burke Teichert

Experts from near and far will convene in Mankato for the 11th annual Midwest Soil Health Summit on March 13 & 14, 2024 to dig into “Managing for Profit: Soil Health Principles as a Profit Strategy.”

Meet Burke Teichert

Burke Teichert is one such expert who attendees will hear from during a keynote presentation, breakout session, and at our popular discussion tables.

Burke was raised on a family ranch in western Wyoming. His father and grandfather were ahead of their time in understanding the importance of low-input, low cost agriculture.

He studied Agricultural Economics at Brigham Young University and received an M.S. from University of Wyoming (UW) in Agricultural Economics with emphasis in Farm and Ranch Management. From there, he began a storied career that has spanned academia, the artificial insemination industry, and ranch management and consulting (across a few countries, to boot).

In his time of managing ranches in a number of climatic environments and locations, he learned that while adhering to the same principles no two ranches could be managed the same—thus the need for adaptive grazing and adaptive management to fit practices to the individual ranch while using the same principles.

Since retirement, Burke has worked as a contract manager, consultant and speaker at events such as the Summit! We are excited to have him join us.

Summit Schedule

Also headlining the two-day Summit will be farmers and ranchers Mitchell Hora and Dale Strickler. Local farmer speakers and sessions will be announced very soon. Keep an eye on the Summit homepage.


Early Bird pricing runs until January 15, 2024: $125 for members, and $175 for nonmembers. Members must log in first to see the discounted pricing.

Farmers, ag resource professionals, agency staff, hungry learners – all are welcome to attend and learn together. We hope you can join us!

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