Two new Member Benefits are live!

Members of SFA now have access to a Member Directory and Bulletin Board when they log in to their account portal. Here’s how to use them.

If you haven’t used your account before, please click here to set up a password.

The Member Directory

The directory is designed to be another avenue of connection for those in our network. It only accessible to members, and only visible when you are logged into your SFA account. You control which personal details (Name, email, city, state, phone number, or chapter) you would like to share. You may opt out of participating in the directory (and opt back in) at any time.

You can also personalize your member listing with a photo and bio, if you’d like. Your bio might include what you raise, your farm name, or something you’re looking for help with (or something you can help others with!).

To opt out/in and make edits to your membership directory profile, click on “Membership Directory Profile” in the menu on the left of the screen (it’s the one with the pencil icon). Next to each detail you may share on your profile is an eye icon. You can click the icon to toggle between sharing that detail on your profile and hiding it. Be sure to click “Submit” on the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Note: Due to the digital architecture of this platform, any members who join after April 2, 2024 will automatically appear in the member directory. If you do not wish to participate in the directory, simply opt out using the instructions above.

The Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is a members-only feature designed to help you sell, swap, or share resources and opportunities with fellow SFA members. All posts will be approved by admins before they are posted.

To start out, we have set up a few categories and types of listings. With time and feedback, we can make updates as needed.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at

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