Volunteer at the Annual Conference

By Jerry Ford • Chapter & Events Coordinator

The SFA Annual Conference is Saturday, February 10, 2024 in St. Joseph, and we’re looking for some volunteers.

Most needed are people to help with our Conference Kids program.  This is the only volunteer position that comes with free registration for the conference, so sign up early.  Shifts are 90 minutes in length, with two shifts in the morning and two more in the afternoon.  Pick one, and you’ll have the rest of the day free.

Other volunteer positions:

  • Session Monitor:  Keep sessions on time, manage the room – and you get to pick the sessions you want. See the session schedule here.
  • Registration Helper: Assist SFA staff at the registration desk.
  • Exhibitors Helper: Assist the Exhibits Coordinator – the shift is early morning, over by the first sessions.

How to sign up:  
Email Jayna Larrea, Volunteer Coordinator, with the following information in your email: 

  • Name and mobile phone number.  
  • If volunteering for the Conference Kids program, please list your preferred first and second time preferences: Morning 1; Morning 2; Afternoon 1; Afternoon 2.
  • If volunteering for Session Monitor, list the session(s) you prefer to monitor; see the session topic and times here.
  • Or state that you would like the registration or exhibitor helper positions.
  • Or simply write, “Put me where you need me.”

Jayna will email you confirming the shifts and positions that you are scheduled for, and will include further instructions. Thanks very much for helping out!

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